McKenzie Method- PYRABACK

New Zealand Physical Therapist Robin McKenzie (1931-2013) is renowned for developing the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy system, also known as the McKenzie Method.

McKenzie states that the patient must learn to manage future back pain by using a self-treatment and self-manipulation method. He also recommends that treatment must be implemented during an attack of low back pain rather than after it has subsided in order to educate or teach preventative methods. These types of patients do not suffer from serious pathology. However, the lower back pain often becomes more severe with each successive attack.

In McKenzie Theory, when pain is more central—closer to the spine—it is less serious than peripheral pain—farther away from the spine. To treat back pain, then, we want to try to do exercises or movements that cause the pain to move closer to the spine. One can determine immediately when the Pyraback™ is providing a benefit because it should centralize the pain, moving it closer to the spine.